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Peter Granville-Edmunds - Painters

"Painting Sound"

Painters and Musicians have always found inspiration by sharing ideas from both disciplines. I have focused my attention on combining these two related art forms.

I attempt to transcribe the fundamental structure and rhythm of musical composition into my paintings, developing and harmonising pictorial themes as a composer would write music, weaving a complex series of signs and symbols into my art work, and constantly seeking inspiration from music, which is the most abstract form.

I am frequently found sketching on the reverse side of a music program, noting colours and lines which I see within the music.

Kandinsky memorably wrote:

"The paintings are an inner sensation, an inner sound that the onlooker should experience personally and infinitely".

My prime interest concerns expression, emotion and feeling rather than any preconcieved notions, except for the music I hear and "see".

Painters have always been intrigued by music, its incorporeality, its sovereign independence of the visible and tangible, and its freedom from the obligation to imitate nature.

As soon as one begins to compare something visible with something invisible, an art that exists in space with an art that exists in time, an imbalance appears, simply because music, except for its written notation, evades visual perception.

On leaving school I studied art for three years at St Albans School of Art. Unfortunately this was interrupted when I was conscripted into the Royal Air Force, to complete my National Service.

Although I pursued a career in the field of occupational health, entailing a great deal of travelling in the Yemen and Africa for many years, this experience was to prove invaluable, not only in working with different nationalities, but was of great importance to the development of my work as an artist.

I am at the present time concentrating on a series of paintings, and am a tutor in Life Drawing.

Please contact me if you are interested in my work:

Address: The Old Stables, 156 Hewlett Road, Cheltenham, Glos. GL52 6TT



Acrylic/oil/collage on canvas. 152 x 122cm (£950)

Symphony of Psalms
Acrylic/oil on canvas. 152 x 122cm (£1000)

Acrylic/collage on canvas. 152 x 152cm (£950)

Intimate Letters
Acylic/oil on Fabriani paper. 57 x 49cm (£300)

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