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Still Life

The focus of my recent work are trees and plants from the local area, in and around where I live in Norfolk, particularly Mousehold Heath in Norwich. Each painting is a detail from a tree, closely observed in thickly layered and textured oil paint. These trees are located in places that have a personal meaning, Mousehold Heath was next to my grandmotherís house and a place I spent a lot of my childhood exploring with my sister and friends. The permanence, stillness and beauty of trees is the attraction for me.


Guillotined, re-assembled and overpainted, I enjoy the construction technique involved in making these large-scale linear paintings and the optical, shimmering, quality of the finished work. Painted in oil on thick parchment, the abstract series combine simple shapes and a limited colour palette to create harmonious, balanced compositions.

If you like what you see, then please contact me.



London Plane
oil on canvas

London Plane (detail)
oil on canvas

Mousehold in snow (detail)
oil on thick parchment

Calm Sea
oil on thick parchment

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