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Jamie Dange - Painters

My work involves the use of various mechanical devices, adapted to explore the effects of natural forces such as gravity and centrifuge.

This exploration is done by observing chance and random movement in the mixing of the various mediums I use, under the artificially generated high pressures of these forces.

Through these observations I develop techniques that help control the randomness, thus allowing the building up of a desired final work.

My overall aim being to develop new techniques for producing art and paint effects.

If you are interested in my work, please get in touch:


Angel of a Liquid Death
Textured acrylic on paper 22cm x 28cm (£65)

Colourful Blue Medium Spin
Arylic on paper 25cm x 30cm (£75)

Heavy Hilarious
Acrylic on paper 25cm x 35cm (£75)

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