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Joy Chan - Fine Art/Craft

I was born in Hong Kong and moved to the UK when I was 14, I have lived here ever since. My desire to become an artist was inspired by The Lady of Shallot by John William Waterhouse. I was fascinated by the painting and the story behind it. The picture awaken an desire to draw beginning with pencil, then watercolour, oil, conte pastel, pen & ink, dry-point and many other materials. My early work was deeply influenced by the Pre-Raphaelite paintings and their myths.

Fashion, especially what people wore in the past, has always been my passion. Those dresses were incredibly detailed, elegant and beautiful. When I did my MA degree in Illustration I also took a Year 1 degree course in Textiles, during which I learnt how to match different materials and colour. I like incorporating textile into my illustrations as it gives the image more "feel" to it.

As a designer at the Royal Wolverhampton School, I have been given the opportunity to produce commercial design work, e.g. school magazines, leaflets, adverts, posters, folders and banners, all of which have been a great experience.

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Oriental Beauty
Conte Pastel 29.7cm x 42cm

Westminster Abbey
Watercolour 21cm x 27cm

Water Lily
Watercolour 13cm x 10cm

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