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Julia Wilkinson - Painters

My paintings are abstracts, taken partly from nature; they are also based on psychology.

Some are inspired by landscape architecture drawings, with the outlines of wildlife merged to make colourful patterns; these are also interpretations of healing from childhood experiences.

Other pictures are extreme close-ups of species, usually at microscopic magnification, so they are abstract; these explore the fragility of life.

I have had solo exhibitions at Fareham's Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham Library and Le Cafe Parisien in Portsmouth, as well as having participated in group exhibitions.

I am based in Hampshire.

Please get in touch if you are interested in my work.


Moth Orchid
Oil, Oil Bar and Acrylic on Canvas (45cm x 35cm)

Pink Roses
Acrylic on Canvas (60cmx45cm)

Ducks I
Acrylic on Canvas (45cmx35cm)

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