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Lorrain Mailer - Mixed Media

I construct 2 dimensional art in 3D. The work has an energy, a passion to engage the viewer with its message. I use strong colours, quirky balance, dripping paint, texture, and especially - the use of discarded objects and non-recycable materials.

I am ever conscious of western consumerism and the resulting waste. I am concerned at the vandalism of our natural resources over recycling and the international apathy to resolve global warming. My work aims to challenge, question, and invite us to examine our moral perception of ourselves.

"Nothing is worthless and nothing should be taken for granted".

If you like what you see, then please contact me.



Colorado Sightseeing
Mixed 3D Media on canvas, 80cm sq

Sow the seeds and scatter
Mixed Media behind glass 72.5 x 55cm

Water from a bottle
Mixed 3D Media 90 x 60cm

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