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Malgorzata Maj - Photographers

I was born in Poland,I am now living in Sutton, UK.

Whenever I go, I search for haunted places. Not haunted by ghosts, but by time, and the past & memories.

I imagine stories of people who are still alive but already dead. And about those who died and (too late) realized that their time's out. I like 'read-between-words" games with the viewer, hidden feelings and symbols.

Photography has this unique quality of something real and intangible, something that I find difficult to speak about. It is the language of ghosts.

If you are interested in my work, please get in touch:



Equal Ways
Photographic print 40cmx30cm (limited and numbered (of 20))

Photographic print 30cmx40cm (limited and numbered (of 20))

Photographic print 30cmx40cm (limited and numbered (of 20))

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