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Maria José Aguilar - Painters

I have been told that, since I learned to express myself verbally, I have shown a powerful, fervent and unshakeable desire to paint. Perhaps I will never really know why.

I remember my earliest memories, dreaming about having the knowledge and tools necessary to allow me the daily exercise of this most difficult but simultaneously beautiful profession.

Ever embellished given the manifest genius and sensitivity of the human being, always feeling fortunate to have the joy of contemplating, aspiring and embedding myself in the works of others, even feeling myself small and insignificant.

I do not paint because I think that I have something to contribute or to state; I do it simply because it is something I need to do, like breathing.

With all the solitude, failures and sacrifices which it brings, I could not, nor would I want to, stop doing what I do.

I am within it; painting is my air.

My path, the pursuit of a dream: to express what I see with the heart versus the floundering of mere hands which infinitely impoverish the vision.

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La Fiesta
Oil on wood 100x81cm

Leyendo unas cartas viejas
Oil on wood 146x114cm"

Soledad musicada
Oil on wood 130x97 cm

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