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Mei Huang - Painters

I finished university in China, and last year I came to London to study Fashion at London College of Fashion.

However, I knock into taking pictures and painting, henceforth, I completely cannot run away from them.

I enjoy the line, the colour, the shape and the composition, I just feel there is a story hiding behind them.

By a chance, I made two books-- Tomorrow Another Sunshine and Easy Game, which are selling in the bookshops. With a little bit of luck, some people like them, which gives me a great deal of courage to continue what I am doing.

If you're interested in my work, please get in touch.



A woman thinking of her future
Oil on wood 31.5cm x 43.7cm

Woman in Love
Oil on canvas 59.4cm x 91.5cm

Woman drinking her finger
Oil canvas 59.4cm x 91.5cm

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