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Mirek Antoniewicz - Painters

I was born in 1954. I live and work in Wroclaw, Poland

My painting is my own way of explanation and making the surrounding world closer to us and more comprehensible.

Also it is the way one may influence and control the vision of the world.

It helps order and makes the world more understandable and more human.

If you are interested in my work, please get in touch:

Phone: +48 (71) 372 44 96

Gallery: Galeria M Odwach - Swidnicka 38A, 50-068 Wroclaw, Poland, tel +48 (71) 372 44 96



I Persefona
Oil/canvas 100x80cm

II Euterpe
Oil/canvas 100x80cm

III Kallisto
Oil/canvas 100x80cm

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