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Rakhee -

I have always had an innate urge to do a memorable act in life which permeates my life and noble actions flowing from this spiritual urge should be remembered by posterity.

I had a vision when I was very young to be a great artist during my lifetime. I took part in dance, drama in college. I always admired and was attracted towards beautiful things of nature, human relationships and spirit of service. This urge ultimately culminated in my works of art.

I have not had formal training in this vocation, I am a self-taught artist. This spiritual inspiration has been showered on me by God. My works are the blessings of God and I want to fulfill my dream of an artist par excellence. I pray for his incessant blessings so that my vision of life is fulfilled during my lifetime.

My ideal is to patronize art throughout the world. I therefore like to mingle with the people of the world and create great works of substance. I find rapid progress in all walks of life throughout the world. But, humanity cries for sins of human beings dampening love and peace in the world. Art is the messenger of peace and is universal in all aspects. Art is truth, spiritualism is the message of the 21st century which is true life in this universe. Thus these paintings portrayed through spiritual blessings should be memorable for time immemorial.

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Address: 1001 Brighton Tower, 10th Floor, 2nd Cross Lane, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri - West Bombay - 400 053,India.



Oil on canvas, stucco effect. 32in x 38in

Carving (red)
Oil on canvas, stucco effect. 25in x 36in

Carving (blue)
Oil on canvas, stucco effect. 18in x 36in

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