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Rebecca Adams - Painters

As an emerging artist I am taking a step aside from my profession as a Physiotherapist and I am studying for a degree in Fine Art.

I have always loved to paint and draw but over recent years this desire has become ever more powerful. My paintings are mainly acrylic and mixed media on deep canvas.

The inspiration for my work is derived from my extensive travelling over the last few years to Africa, The Middle East, Australasia and South East Asia. The diversity of the landscapes, the vibrant colours and the relationship between the land, sea and sky provide continuous material for my imagination and work.

I originally took a degree in English but subsequently discovered that painting was my true metier. After training at Central St. Martins and the New Richmond School of Art I have been working as a painter in various media including oil, acrylic, pastel and print.

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Thai Sunset
acrylic on box canvas, 20" x 20"

Stargazer Lily
acrylic and texture on box canvas, 40" x 30"

Namibian Reflections
acrylic on box canvas, 24" x 12"

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