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Robert Paul Paul -

I was born in Britain in 1976 to a Persian-Jewish mother and English father. I grew up entranced by the richness of my Persian heritage.

Having trained in fashion at Manchester Met, I worked in the London fashion industry for a number of years. I am now a full-time artist.

My canvasses and illustrations are a working diary of my thoughts and emotions, which I allow to guide me, rather than imposing a heavy-handed order on ideas. I compare my artistic process to decoding a message, following signs and symbols from the world around me; or to putting together a puzzle formed of the words and images that form the fabric of daily life. To me everything becomes art "mistakes", misspellings, impulses and observations.

I am driven by the need to explore my own life, and to uncover the currents of truth beneath the surface of human experience. Guided by emotion, expressed through intricacies of colour and design, I feel my art is a dialogue with the frustrating, glorious, awe-inspiring complexities of life. It is strongly influenced by Persian art, with reference to poets like Hafiz, world-renowned painter Mahmoud Farshchian, and writers such as Paulo Coelho.

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not you spirit
Mixed Media 102 x 102

Is that all i Know
Mixed Media 102 x 102

my friend
Mixed Media 122x153

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