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Ron Baxter - Painters

As an artist I would call myself a Romantic Pragmatic Expressionist

The artwork is the more important element; the subject is there to provide a starting point for me to engage with the creative processes, a process which cannot exist without a subject, since it is Impossible to disengage myself from my self

As a "disabled" person I have long been fascinated by the nature of aesthetic values and how I as an artist interpret those values, what is the difference if any between intrinsic and physical beauty? How does one interact with the other, can one exist without the other or is there a point of separation, if so where or what is it?

As an artist I want to explore what it is that I can add, substitute or ignore in the subject matter that will push the boundaries of the aesthetic, to discover and exploit the point of disconnection while at the same time hold on to the subjects and the artworks integrity.

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Oil on canvas, 41x51

Oil on canvas, 50x70

Oil on Canvas 61x46

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