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Sandra Betancort - Painters

I was born under the rhombus of a colossus harlequin. Turning as dancing, I landed on them, involved in smiles, between interwoven colors, in the conjunction white 25, of the former and respected race October, positioned 77 red, to 11 50 night degrees of the harlequin year. Blessed for the God who laughs and from 8 exact rhombuses of the ages of the dancers masks, I grew up specializing myself in everything related to the visual arts. Every member of the lodge was entrusting me a daily task, for which I was acquiring skill and knowledge as plastic artist, photographer and art director. Interested in everything related to the arts, history, music and culture, I step endless nights under the spherical library, surrounded with trapezes that were carrying thousands and thousands of literary specimens. Entrusted for keeping the color alive, between acrobatics and flight, I stroll among both scenes...the real (my world)...and unreal (your world)...

Lived in different worlds, you called it “countries” gave me facility to understand diverse cultures, thoughts, religions and faiths. Providing me an open point of view by observing the architectures, landscapes, weather changes, lights and colors, completely different in my world, opening my creativity and imagination.

I can explain my work, as a mix up with styles, where the figure, take the important meaning, with faces out of details where you can see the artist mark in their closed eyes, "Just have One". Are compositions with strong lights and shadows coming from vivid colors. And each work express a different concept made up with a strong sense of spirituality and sensibility.

my artistic experience has became a wide range of artistic trends, coming from cinematography an television, as art director and photographer; working for shorts movies, movies and advertising campaigns, and the last, and more important for me ... on my canvas, where I can take a detailed study of shapes, colors and contexts. Work it sometime separately, otherwise, being able to handle it all in a same proposition, creating a visual context in harmony with the space.

To finish this act...The curtain is opened, be able to perceive the pirouettes, and be left to go in the trip of the creation, listen to the music the colors...keep the spirit alive...

If you are interested in my work, please get in touch:



Oil on canvas 120 cm x 100 cm

Thinking on you
Oil on canvas 100 cm x 50 cm

Everything is on my mind
Oil on canvas 90 cm x 60 cm

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