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Seth Bates - Painters

I was born 1980 in Leamington Spa, England, grew up and still live in Stratford upon Avon, Shakespeare County.

I am a self taught soft pastel artist with no formal art education, started taking painting seriously around 2002.

I regard myself to be fortunate in having a genetic disposition for visual art creations.

Skill and judgement comes from my father and emotional complexity and sensitivity comes from my mother. These combined with my unique creativity and outlook on life equals a very strong form of art.

My work has always been hard to categorise. There are elements of photo realism, expressionalism, surrealism to mention a few often in the same piece.

What I'm trying to achieve is an image the viewer can be totally immersed in. Something the viewer can leave this world behind and escape to. My use of colour, composition, skill and imagination is me trying to make the situation as inviting and plausible as I can. The situation where you close your eyes and imagine that perfect scene.

The work I produce is very busy and demanding to the eye at an obsessive level. The more creative of frames are hand built and painted by myself. Some pieces take over 250 hours to produce.

Currently looking for my first exhibition, with the aim to becoming a full time artist.

If you are interested in my work, please get in touch:


Soft Pastel 112cmx132cm

Soft Pastel 75cmx122cm

Soft Pastel 97cmx153cm

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