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Susan Mensah - Painters

I am a self-taught artist born in the UK to Ghanaian parents.

I was raised in the UK, Ghana and Zambia and was inspired from an early age by the beauty of Africa.

I began to demonstate an aptitude for painting and drawing from a very early age but it was much later in life that I took art more seriously.

I enjoy using vivid and bold colours as well as symbols and cultural images.

My love of culture led me to complete a degree in Human rights and Social anthropology which gave me a greater insight into the value of traditions as well as the importance of each individual's human rights regardless of their race, creed or culture.

I have a keen interest in charitable causes and I often donate my painting or greeting cards to raise funds for worthy causes.

I currently donate proceeds of my greeting cards to Christian Aid and UNIFEM.

In addition, I am organising an art auction to raise funds for Christian Aid's Haiti Earthquake Appeal. The event will take place at Cannizaro House on 27th September 2010.

If you like what you see, then please contact me.



Acrylic on Canvas 32"x40"

The Journey 1
Acrylic on Canvas 40"x32"

The Journey 2
Acrylic on Canvas 40"x32"

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