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Wendy Harford - Painters

To inspire, to touch others through creations of my own truth. Life motivates and inspires me to seek out the good, the inspirational, the mystic qualities of life. Life on this planet, life in this universe, the mystic qualities of our minds, genetic memory, intuition, the beauty and balance in nature. Learning through creation and creating through my learning, a never ending cycle of life and death and life.

Working in multiple mediums I have spent the past nine years learning to create with vision: Sculpted images created from papier mache and found things, graphic designs and illustrations, textured and patterned wearable art, to in-depth paintings and wall murals. 20 + years of burying my art beneath a "heap of life" brought me to this place in art.

Now I grow through my art and my art continually expands my vision.

Whale research and activism brought me to Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington State, USA , where I have survival jobs in office admin/computer, and I paint and sing as many hours of my days that I can find time for.

Please contact me if you are interested in my work:

Telephone: 360-370-5507

Address: POB 2616 Friday Harbor, WA USA 98250


Please visit my website at

'Norwegian Sunrise'
Acrylic on canvas. 3' by 4' Early morning along a Norwegian Fjord, 1999

'Play Me'
Papier mache and cardboard. Lifesize 3 dimension.<br>Aptly named by friend and musician Blaine Dunaway of Victoria, BC.<br>This piece was chosen for the BC Festival of the arts one of 150 out of 2000 entries

'Raven's Cry'
100% wool and recycled fibre.<br>Midi length T-sweater no sleeves, with deep pockets.<br>Front button closure. One Size Fits Most

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