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Here is a review of my work by L. Abrams, Harvard University:

"Orna Ben-Shoshan's distinct style exposes a fascinating alternative reality.

"Her colourful, uplifting images free the viewer's imagination into worlds where everything is possible.

"Orna was born in on a Kibbutz in Israel. She studied design and illustration in Tel-Aviv.

"Her first one-person exhibition took place in Pennsylvania (1983).between 1983 and 1997 She exhibited her works in museums and galleries around the USA, where she resided for 15 years.

"Since her return to Israel in 1997, she works at her studio in Raanana.

"Orna exhibits several shows per year. Her paintings gain a growing popularity at the Israeli and European art world.

"Much of Orna's work was purchased by private and public collectors in Israel and abroad. In addition to her usual medium, Orna applies her talent into computer art, graphic and textile design."

Please contact me if you are interested in my work:

Telephone: 972-9-7718982

Address: 8 Karo Street, Raanana, 43329, Israel


Please visit my website at

Knights Came In
Computer art on canvas 71x95cm ($300)

Three Card Spread
Computer art on canvas 75x95cm ($300)

Self Search Journey
Computer art on canvas 75x95cm ($300)

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