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24th April 2003, London

Lateral Arts has ported Simkin, the popular Open Source embeddable scripting language, to the leading mobile phone operating system, Symbian OS, with the support of Symbian. Simkin allows applications running on Symbian OS to be scripted using XML.

Lateral Arts will be presenting Simkin at the Symbian Exposium in London on 28-29th April 2003 (

Simkin has been used worldwide to provide scripting capabilities to C++ and Java applications for over 5 years.

The language is available as free Open Source from

The Symbian port includes support for XML, and a version of the popular open source XML parser Expat, along with classes supporting the XML DOM (Document Object Model).

Simkin can be used for:

i) laying out user interfaces, and including behaviour
ii) including behaviour within configuration files
iii) writing test scripts
iv) scripting AI and other behaviour within games
v) communication between clients and servers

The language features are:

i) simple syntax
ii) powerful access to surrounding elements within XML
iii) application-defined object model to provide ease of use for the scripter
iv) small, lighweight interpreter, capable of running on mobile phones
v) cross-platform - running on mobiles, handhelds, desktops and servers.

About Lateral Arts Limited:

Lateral Arts is an innovative software company based in London, UK. 
The company supports Simkin along with other products, and provides bespoke software development services in C++, Java and PHP for platforms such Symbian, Windows, Macintosh, PalmOS and Unix.

For more information, please visit

About Symbian:

Symbian develops and licenses Symbian OS, the global industry standard operating 
system for advanced mobile phones to the world's leading handset manufacturers, 
which account for over 80 percent of worldwide mobile phone sales.  

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