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Kinsi Abdulleh - Fine Art/Craft

I make art in the community, through creative dialogue to promote cohesion and justice.

My work is about:

At its heart my work reflects the collage of diverse cultural influences in my life.

It takes from everyday conversation, objects, and personal challenges within a global sphere and expresses that experience, shares it and learns from it.

My artwork is part-object based, part performance and part-curatorial bringing together other people and practices as a part of my own. My pieces combine Arabic calligraphy and stories, objects found in archives, in daily life, with photographic imagery, text and print, audio and film.

I use both space and language.

I am drawn to women's historical involvement in arts and craft, their challenge to the limitations imposed by tradition and the market.

If you are interested in my work, please contact me.

Kinsi Abdulleh,
Kudu Arts
mobile +44 (0)7949 534402
web: web

Tree of Life
Textiles 150cm x 100cm (500 UKP )

Textiles 14" x 14" (250 UKP )

In Alliances
Textiles/Print 2m x 150cm (500 UKP)

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