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Join the Lateral Arts Gallery

The Lateral Arts virtual art gallery is open to professionals working in the visual arts. To include a page in it is FREE but subject to our acceptance of the quality of your work and our right to use your work on our site (credited and linked to your page). 

If accepted, we will set up a page for you with your pictures and personal statement, and publicise it as part of the site.

The Lateral Arts site is visited by many people around the world who are interested in the visual arts. We have been around since 1995 and are very well connected!

If a visitor is interested in acquiring or commissioning work from you they will contact you directly. To make this easy for them if you do not already have an email address you should consider getting one. If you don't have your own Internet account, but have access to the Internet  (for example through a college, library or friend's computer), you can get a free email facility from Hot Mail or Yahoo

Joining Online

To join online, please fill in our application form. Then send us your pictures via email or post.

Copyright issues

Any images you supply will be displayed on our web site.

You should know that people can make unauthorised copies of images that appear on the web (just as they may photocopy or scan pictures in magazines or catalogues). Fortunately the resolution of images appearing on our site limits their usefulness for other purposes. 

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