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Guy Charvet - Painters

I studied at Byam School of Art and Wimbledon School of Art.

I am an intuitive painter with a rich language derived from my wide experiences of european culture and spoken language, my extensive experience of Japanese cuisine and asian colleagues, and my contact and study of revitalised creative traditional skills such as feng shui, herbalism and natural healing, vegetarianism, martial arts and tai chi.

I believe in the purity and innate quality of nature's simple forms in landscape and people everywhere. My observation of nature and philosophical understanding push my paintings from being mere naturalistic representation of landscapes or people towards a more spiritual language where the chaotic patterns of nature can be appreciated.

Bright colours and primary colours play an important role in contrasts. High quality paints mixed only with pure pigment and cold pressed oil are used. Natural shapes, bushes, flowers or buildings take on a more heavyweight shape and meaning by means of drawing drawing and colour. I believe that in this evaluation of the secrets of nature, a task almost scientific, lies the latent purpose of the artist.

If you are interested in my work, please contact me:

Address: 27 Rectory Road, Stoke Newington, London N16 7QL

Phone: 0171-423-9711, 0171-606-2084 (10.30-12.00am)

Girl on Stairs
Oil on Canvas 30" x 30" (360 UKP framed)

Golkoy Bay
Oil on Canvas 60" x 40" (350 UKP unframed)

Korean Landscape
Oil on Canvas 280 (framed UKP )

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