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Sally Childs - New Technology

"We are beginning to see, thanks to information technology, a paradigm shift from a material worldview to a consciousness-based worldview.  We are beginning to understand that what exists at the essential core of matter is information and energy..the essential stuff of the universe is "nonstuff"; the atom, which is the basic unit of matter, is not a solid entity, but a heirarchy of states of information and energy in a huge void" – Deepak Chopra

Impermanence and transformation in relation to matter and consciousness are recurring themes in my work and for many years I have been working with themes connected to the psychological and physical workings of the brain. 

 Much of my work is process based moving from drawings and photography to paintings and digital media.

More recently I have been exploring the idea of Liminal Space a state characterised by ambiguity, openness, and indeterminancy.

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Telephone: 07786 674661


Digital Collage – 27" x 46"

Movement In Blue
Oil on Canvas – 33" x 34"

Memory Traces
Digital Print – 16" x 16"

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