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Janine Creaye - Public Art

I studied at the University of Northumberland, graduating in 1983, and at Chelsea School of Art and Design, gaining a Masters degree in Public Art in 1990.

The majority of my work is carving in stone and wood and studies in drawing, clay or plaster.

I have exhibited extensively in London and the South East, including Cadogan Contemporary Art, Knightsbridge; Mc Hardy Sculpture Co, Tower Bridge; Mall Galleries, London; Sussex Art Club, Brighton; Gardner Arts Centre, University of Sussex.

I have drawings in the collection of the Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London and Harold Pinter.

I have permanent outdoor works at Quakers' Acre, Guilford town centre; Buchan Country Park, West Sussex; and Tilgate Park in Crawley, West Sussex.

My work is symbolic and contemplative. I often respond to movement and expression of stage performers as a starting point, but use this to find a stillness that holds the potential to move in any direction. A stillness that holds the momentary balance between extremes.

I am influenced by the qualities of each material that I use and the marks made during the process of sculpting them, there will be some reference to this remaining visible and integral in the final piece.

The work I find most influential to me is early Indian Buddhist and Hindu stone carving.

I also have a public art page.

Please contact me if you want to know more about this work.

Phone number: 01293 784794

Mobile number: 0966 439858


Flesh/Rock Head
Portland Stone 36cm High (800 UKP )

Wide Head
Beech 36cm High (600 UKP )

Study Head - Berkoff
Life Size, cold cast bronze (1500 UKP )

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