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Helen Harrison - Public Art

My work as an artist within the community has involved me in a wide range of activities including large-scale permanent sculptures, one-day workshops, school residencies and performance art.

The common thread for all my projects is an emphasis on the positive role art can play in all aspects of life. I seek to promote an open approach to all art-based activities, and actively encourage greater understanding and participation by all.

In a community context the role an artist plays is that of catalyst: drawing people together, generating enthusiasm and creating a dymamic environment in which collaborative ideas can flow.

I enjoy the challenge of producing a piece of work for a particular group, individual or site. I aim to involve people in visually enhancing their own environment, be that a school, park, office or home.

I am constantly looking for new opportunities and commissions.

Welcoming Archway
Steel, Wood and Fiberglass 18'x25' for London Borough of Merton

Sofa Benches
Oak 7' for London Borough of Merton

Fishy Friend
Oak, Ceramic and Mosaic 12' for Sir John Cass Foundation

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