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Chris Heughan - Fine Art/Craft

Edinburgh College of Art Festival Summer School papermaking tutor - August 1995.
Edinburgh College of Art1991-95 BA(Hons) Printmaking
Dumfries and Galloway College1990-91: Foundation in Fine Art, 1988-90 National Diploma in Art/Design, James Thin Materials Award
Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries May/June 1990, Publicity Design
Galloway Footwear, South West Scotland based company producing specialist footwear. Worked in selection of colour, design and production. 1984-88
Summer School Tutors Exhibition, Edinburgh 1995
Royal Scottish Academy:
Annual Exhibition Society of Scottish Artists: Invited Artist October 1995
Student Exhibition February 1995
Prints for China, Edinburgh College of Art 1995
Student Print Exhibition, Falmouth College of Art 1995
"Open to Print", National Student Printmaking Competition 1994

Handcast Paper/Relief Print 34"x15" 28"x18" (130 UKP each)

Handcast Paper/Lino Cut-Embossing 9"x9.5" (30 UKP each, 360 UKP for the series)

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