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Lisa House - Painters

I have based my work on images of Fire Escapes.

I was intrigued by the space that these structures occupied and am still primarily concerned with how this linear structure is formed and escalates through space.

I have been dealing with this problem of resolving the linearity representing this structure. Through early figurative studies, based on information from drawings and photography of fire escapes this body of information has facilitated a gradual shift in the style of my work, enabling me to use less marks, but each of which holds more value.

Structural dynamism, spirals and rhythmic coiling have become increasingly important.

Phase 2
Oil on Canvas 2m16 x 85cm (350 UKP )

Oil on Canvas 2m43 x 84cm (350 UKP )

Floor Mark
Oil on Canvas 2m28 x 84cm (350 UKP )

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