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I was born in England in 1945. I live and work in Nottingham, London and Portugal.

I am Pro Vice Chancellor and Head of College for the College of Art and Design and Built Environment at Nottingham Trent University.

Seeing the Light - Fortaleza Gallery, Sagres (15 May - 27 June 2004)

I have had a close association with the Algarve since the early 1960's and the culture, landscape and people of this beautiful corner of Europe have been central to my inspiration as an artist since childhood.

Remembered events and emotional responses to a place or incident, a time of day, a particular light, or the metaphorical equivalent in marks on paper to lively conversation, dreaming, watching the sun move across a floor, listening to the wind, watching the tide turn, being in an overgrown garden with the air full of heat and insects, contemplating a distant fold in the land - all of these are the inspiration of my paintings.

Small Works, Broad Visions - Lanchester Gallery, Coventry School of Art and Design (22 November - 20 December 2005)

For me, small paintings have a very particular strength and fascination.

Our physical and perceptual relationship with their scale and intimacy makes for a viewing experience of particular intensity and concentration. They are small arenas in which the imagination, through the mind's eye, can range from the microscopic to the infinite, where the actual size and physicality of the work in relationship to our own physical scale is subverted and dissolved to be replaced by an imaginative world of endless variation.

I travel a great deal and record the myriad experiences of people and places that confront me in a context where journey time is compressed by air travel, while assimilation and comprehension of those experiences requires long periods of contemplation and consideration.

For me, painting is a primarily visual and perceptual activity, and it is the development of visual cognition and language that is the prime purpose of making paintings.

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Telephone: 0116 2705475

Address: 3 Northcote Road Knighton Leicester LE2 3FH

Cactus Painting

Painting from India

Seeing the Light 1

Seeing the Light 2

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