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Joyce Peck - New Technology

I work from my studio in Buckinghamshire.

I produce digital images on a Pentium PC using Adobe Photoshop and Corel 5. I sell these images framed.

I run a business called Iris Imaging. I also organise Exhibitions of Art and Photography. I was the Committee Director for a recent International Photography Art exhibition in Melbourne, Australia.

I am a member of the PMC and on the Editorial Board of "Printmaking Today".

I have exhibited computer maniplated images widely in London, Paris, New York and Athens.

Please contact me if you are interested in my work:

Telephone: 01628-523076


Address: 7 Wilfrids Wood Close, Flackwell Heath, Buckinghamshire HP10 9LJ

Tree Nymph
Digital 20" x 24" (200 UKP )

Wood Nymph
Digital 20" x 24" (200 UKP )

Digital 20" x 24" (200 UKP )

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