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Samvado -

Natural Wooden Bowls from 6-24" diameter, Balls up to 18" d., Lampbases, Clocks (wall/mantle), Platters 12-24" d.

As close to a tree without being in a forest, these bowls and balls are turned with meditation as inspiration from the whole diameter of branch or trunk, and with gratefulness to Osho.

Reflecting the strength, grace and rugged qualities of Scottish Hardwoods, apple, yew, holly, elm, oak etc. these unique pieces are invitations/ signposts to the peace of the forest and life of trees in your own home.

Several coats of oil give a finish "in" the wood, showing the depth of grain.

Two Smooth
Holly 14"x10" (70 UKP each)

Elmburr 19"x12" (220 UKP )

Going Gentle
Apple 18"x7" (165 UKP )

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