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Sara Shackleton - Painters

My work relates to cellular biology and genetics. I am interested in the progression through scientific research of our understanding of ourselves and how through this investigation our lives can be changed.

Using these ideas as a base for my work I have developed my ideas and concerns from an interest in the beauty of microscopic biological specimens to a more focused investigation into genetics and issues of identity.

I have produced a series of pieces concerning the manipulation of scientific knowledge. Drawing parallels between biological evolution and the evolution of a visual language I am exploring ideas surrounding genetic manipulation and the Human Genome Project - the quest to complete the inherited lexicon of the human being.

Brave New World (1 of 9)
Handmade Paper, Cotton and Photography 22cm x 16cm (POA UKP unframed 1995)

Oil Paint, Varnish and Ink on Paper 84.5cm x 59.2cm (POA UKP unframed 1994)

Oil Paint, Varnish and Ink on Paper 48cm x 64cm (POA UKP unframed 1994)

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