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My most recent work is a synthesis of my cloisonnist series from the mid 1990s, and the more lyric abstract paintings of the late 90s. These paintings are improvised to a great degree. Their final form is the result of creating forms from the layers of brushwork, but then removing any resemblance to a concrete image. I try to achieve a juxtaposition of lyrical atmosphere and formalist structure, of figure and landscape, or abstraction and representation.

Since 2000, I have been showing my work in solo exhibititons in France, Italy, Austria and Spain. In 2003, I will be exhibiting at Galeria d'art Zero in Barcelona in September, and during the summer, at the Salle des Arts in Colomars, France.

Please contact me if you are interested in my work:

Telephone/Fax: (604)929-6621


Web Page:

Address: North Vancouver, BC, Canada

For Paul Klee
Oil on Canvas 128cm x 102cm (2000 UKP )

Fertility Dancers
Oil on Canvas 148cm x 125 cm (2500 UKP )

Dinner With Tristan
Oil on Canvas 148cm x 125cm (3000 UKP )

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