Show Us What You've Got

by Peter Lamb
July 15th - August 25th 1996 at Cyberia, Whitfield Street

You are cordially invited to a Private View for the exhibition between 6 and 8pm on Wednesday 24th July.

Wine and snacks are provided, Peter and the Lateral Arts Team will be pleased to meet you!

Come along to Cyberia in Whitfield Street, London. The nearest tube is Goodge Street.

For some background to the exhibition, have a look at the press release.

Peter also has an catalogue of work on show during the exhibition.

The price list is:

Mr Man Number 2
Acetate Print (150 UKP)

Mr Man
Plaster Cast Chest, Photographed and Printed onto Acetate (350 UKP)

Encapsulation Series Number 2
Oil on Wood, Perpsex, Ink (300 UKP)

Pencil on Paper, Curtain Material (350 UKP)

Encapsulation Series Number 1
Oil on Wood, Perpsex, Ink (300 UKP)

Acrylic on Metal (350 UKP)

Ink on Board, Perspex (200 UKP)

Acetate Print (200 UKP)

Show Us What You've Got
Acrylic Print (250 UKP)